Sock Innovations – a long wait ahead


I was reading about krafty1’s sock madness fun early April, and saw her newly arrived book, Sock Innovations by Cookie A.  I was intrigued. Had to go look at previews of it straight away! I just love the way Cookie A designs socks 🙂

I ordered a copy from on April 10th for about 13GBP. They changed the delivery dates on me twice, then a third time now leaving it open ended, so no idea of when it’ll turn up (if ever) and no extra information.  The last time they did this to me for another product, they cancelled the order without telling me,  a month or so later.

So in an investigative mood, I trawled around a bit, and it seems that the book isn’t so readily available, especially to the UK. For example:

I wait on a little longer, I think !  This looks like it’ll be a fun book to work through when it finally  arrives 🙂


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