Toe Up Rick



I had most of July off, spent some time fixing things round the house, started another pair of toe-up socks (Rick from Sock Innovations) worried about the floods (there were more, but I was lucky) and went to Skye for a week. For the first three days I was there, I explored the coastline near Broadford, Portree and Uig. Admittedly, I found the easiest walks I possibly could! The last half of the week, I met up with some friends who were up in the area for a wedding on the Friday. Before we headed home, we went for a shopping spree in Portree.

But there are yarn shops on Skye I hear you say… Yes, there are. No I didn’t go them – just a little bit broke right now… I know they sell some lovely yarns though. One of my friends who did succumb to temptation bought some beautiful skeins from Shilasdair on Waternish.

Meanwhile, back to work and I’ve just started on the cuff section of one of my pairs of toe-up socks. The other pair (Sam) are languising for lack of yarn. Colinette Jitterbug doesn’t quite have enough in a skein for a complete pair of socks for my slightly larger-than-average feet.

This weekend I’ll be staying at a friend’s place, so I’ll take photos of all the socks I’ve been working on for the last wee while.  It’s handy having a willing model 🙂


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