Happy Spring!


Well it’s a little late for ‘happy new year’  🙂
It’s been a while. Ok, a long while!

During 2009, I completed several pairs of socks, some of which I’ve mentioned here. Towards the end of the year, admittedly partly due to the minor sock obsesssion, I developed RSI in my left arm and the discomfort even now is to the point where I cannot grip sock needles properly or grasp/lift even light objects with that hand. Frustrating!

Only time and rest will heal the problem, leaving me to dream up more of my own patterns and write them out before trying them.

I also discoverered that as long as I’m careful, I can still do other crafts. So, I braved my first big DIY project. First? Well, I don’t count flat-pack furniture or putting beading round laminate flooring 🙂 I brandished jigsaws and drills inexpertly, mangled the pile of wood on the left below and produced the floor to ceiling shelves on the right. They may be uneven, but they’re sturdy!

DSC02116  DSC02160

Over the next months, when life doesn’t intervene, I’m hoping to talk more about knitting again. We’ll see. Right now, I’m off to correct several hundred broken links on a website then go home and clear up the sawdust storm…



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