Blanket squares 45 – 54


I’ve been  working swatches   from ‘Charted Knitting Designs’ again for the Walker Treasury Project 🙂 I’ve posted 10 new ones so far:
Spliced Oval Spliced Oval

Double texture cable Double Texture Cable

Embossed heart Embossed Heart

Braid X Braid X

locked square cable Locked Square Cable

Front-Cross Gnarled Cable Front-Cross Gnarled Cable

Back-Cross gnarled cable Back-Cross Gnarled Cable

gnarled wave cable Gnarled Wave Cable

Reverse Gnarled wave cable Reverse Gnarled Wave Cable

Slip cross cable with bobbles Slip Cross Cable with Bobbles

I’ve finished working another 14 or so. I just need to photograph/measure/post them.

Have also started a pair of socks for my gran, admittedly with some trepidation. She has this tendency to look at a gift then put it back in the wrapping paper and ‘keep it for best’. This means of course that the things folk buy her never get used.  Am hoping that a handmade gift will experience a better fate!


No Pictures Just Knitting


Haven’t been around much recently, what with work being busy and worrying about the house. I went to a council meeting yesterday where all the residents presented their concerns to the local councillor. With any luck something may happen.

Who am I kidding?!! Nothing’ll happen for ages, then a couple of small things may be set in motion which are far too little too late. And we’ll all still be in danger of being flooded again.

On happier notes, I’ve been doing a little more knitting – mainly swatches for the neverending sampler blanket. I think I’ve decided it’s going to be ‘lap quilt’ sized. Mainly because I’m impatient and want to see it finished 😉

With any luck, I’ll have another batch of ‘squares’ ready by the end of the month. Will let you see pictures then.

Happy New Year


Sampler Blanket Squares 45 – 59

It’s been a busy few months. The renovation work on my house is finally done, so I’ve moved back in. There’s the constant task of cleaning plaster dust off everything, but that should (I hope) be less of an issue by March.  I cope by knitting swatches…

In the course of cleaning everything, I rediscovered the rest of the ‘squares’ for my sampler blanket – the neverending UFO. I’ve actually started piecing it together. yay!  On the other hand, I keep looking through ‘Charted Knitting Designs’ and finding more patterns to try.  These are the latest:

IMGP2776 Fronds

long loop I  Long Loop I

heart strings  Heart Strings

rabbit ears  Rabbit Ears

ear of corn  Ear of Corn

celtic flourish  Celtic Flourish

Mirror Cable  Mirror Cable

Pod Pattern  Pod Pattern

Spot-Pattern Twist  Spot Pattern Twist

Fancy Vine  Fancy Vine

Curlicue  Curlicue

Little Twist Honeycomb  Little Twist Honeycomb

IMGP2778  Bootlacing Cable

IMGP2770  Nubby Stitch

IMGP2773  Four Lobed Escutcheon

WTP and sampler blanket


The Walker Treasury Project is back!
The WTP,  is ‘ a pooling of efforts to illustrate in color all five of the Walker treasuries’.  The project was founded back in January 2007 by Nicole Hindes of allbuttonedup. So far we have illustrated nearly 300 swatches from the five books, which include the 1st 2nd 3rd and 4th ‘Treasuries’ as well as ‘Mosaic Knitting’.

The WTP was revitalised when two new moderators joined the ranks, vjicha and veiland (ravelry ids). Veiland created a new swatch claiming system and wrote the associated ‘how to pages’. Vjicha has the swatch bug! She’s contributed a lot of swatches  in the last month, as well as helping populate the swatch claiming database with unclaimed swatch data and sanity checking my rewrites of the ‘about’, ‘photo tips’  and ‘rules’ pages amongst others. 

All the moderators are really psyched to see the project taking off again. If you want to get involved, head over to ‘how to join the project’ and get started 🙂

Meanwhile I’ll leave you all with  a picture of the latest swatches I’ve done for the WTP and my sampler blanket. They’ll be up on the WTP blog in the next couple of days.


Blanket Squares 37 – 44


In the spirit of experiments and a determination to get this blanket done, I made another few squares. They are all from ‘Charted Knitting Designs’, so they are also on the Walker Treasury Project  🙂  I have an idea for the centre, but am still swatching that.

p29 Acanthus Leaf Acanthus Leaf

p55 Triple-Twist LaceTriple-Twist Lace

p54 Egg and Dart FriezeEgg and Dart Frieze

p250 Honeycomb LaceHoneycomb Lace

p250 Little Honeycomb LaceLittle Honeycomb Lace

p252 Delayed-Decrease Eyelet MeshDelayed-Decrease Eyelet Mesh

p20 Windblown Leaf BorderWindblown Leaf Border

p252 Open Basketweave MeshOpen Basketweave Mesh

Cat claims new territory


I'm comfy - why move?This morning, I only had one and half repeats left to cast off, so I thought I’d try laying the blanket out flat. Or at least, that was the plan.

I looked away just for a second, and when I turned back I had a new helper. Right in the centre of the blanket. Any attempt to stretch the work out was met with mad purring, paddling and shuffling. Hmm…

It seems that Tara, one of the cats I’m looking after just now, had taken a morning off from her busy hunting schedule to assess the latest project. Having claimed it, there was a bit of discussion before she gave in and let me get it back so I could finish it later.

Getting settled

Oh for a camera

About, Blankets

I was house/cat sitting for a friend over the weekend, and indulging in watching a lot of dvds and knitting. One of the cats,  Ziggy, decided that he was going to climb on my lap which was kinda full of the hemlock ring blanket. So I scrinched it up a bit, put my feet up and hey presto! A lap full of blanket and cat…

 He didn’t once try to play with the yarn. Strange creature! It seemed like he was more concerned by the blanket being closer to me than he was. One of the rare times I didn’t have a camera with me 🙂

The Blob

About, Blankets

The blobIt’s growing…
It’s gonna take over the world – one sofa at a time!

I’m nearing the point where brooklyn tweed finished his version, and I’m planning to do the extra rows he included in the chart after that. I’ll also be extending the pattern as far as the yarn supply allows 🙂

And house stuff – about to authorise £1000+ worth of electrical works, 80% of which is to make the place safe. eek.  And I have to chase the gas engineer for a quote which he still hasn’t supplied.