Happy holidays


knit noro, available on amazonOnce again, I’ve been indulging my book habit. This time, ‘Knit Noro’ leapt into my amazon basket and demanded to come stay with me. The ‘ridge ripples scarf‘  and  the ‘modular afghan‘ both look fun to make. Before I start them I really should finish the bag I’m working on…

It’s been a long time since I’ve been around. Life intervened and not in a pleasant way. While coping over the last twelve months or so, I rediscovered the knitting bug and started going to a local knitting group, who meet on Wednesdays. They enjoy a good laugh and are always interested in what everyone else is working on.

In case I don’t visit here again before the festivities, ‘happy holidays’ to everyone and a successful 2012 🙂




‘Aran Knitting’ by Alice Starmore


It’s being re-releasedAran Knitting: New and Expanded Edition, apparently with a new garment pattern.

Link to book on amazon.com

Same book on amazon.co.uk

The highest price for a 2nd hand hardcover of the original edition on abebooks is $80 to $399  (50gbp – 260GBP).  I’m more than happy to pay $20 or 15GBP for the newer paperback!

(pic is from amazon)