Toe Up Rick



I had most of July off, spent some time fixing things round the house, started another pair of toe-up socks (Rick from Sock Innovations) worried about the floods (there were more, but I was lucky) and went to Skye for a week. For the first three days I was there, I explored the coastline near Broadford, Portree and Uig. Admittedly, I found the easiest walks I possibly could! The last half of the week, I met up with some friends who were up in the area for a wedding on the Friday. Before we headed home, we went for a shopping spree in Portree.

But there are yarn shops on Skye I hear you say… Yes, there are. No I didn’t go them – just a little bit broke right now… I know they sell some lovely yarns though. One of my friends who did succumb to temptation bought some beautiful skeins from Shilasdair on Waternish.

Meanwhile, back to work and I’ve just started on the cuff section of one of my pairs of toe-up socks. The other pair (Sam) are languising for lack of yarn. Colinette Jitterbug doesn’t quite have enough in a skein for a complete pair of socks for my slightly larger-than-average feet.

This weekend I’ll be staying at a friend’s place, so I’ll take photos of all the socks I’ve been working on for the last wee while.  It’s handy having a willing model 🙂


Toe-up Sam


Yay Sock Innovations arrived! 🙂
It turned up 7 days after I posted here

A big thankyou to Roo for recommending alternative stockists to amazon. This helped me find another ‘real’ store that does mail order and that I like. I phoned iKnit just after seeing Roo’s comment and the person who answered was friendly and very helpful. They didn’t have any copies in at the time, but were happy to let me know when they arrived. I must go look in the store next time I’m in the area.

Sock Innovations: ok, I’m hooked – there are at least 4 designs I’ll end up making. For starters, I’ve decided to try a version of ‘Sam’. As usual, resisting the urge to tinker with the pattern has failed, and I’m working the socks toe-up, two at a time in colinette jitterbug sock yarn. The yarn I have to say is a pleasure to work with.

Sock Innovations – a long wait ahead


I was reading about krafty1’s sock madness fun early April, and saw her newly arrived book, Sock Innovations by Cookie A.  I was intrigued. Had to go look at previews of it straight away! I just love the way Cookie A designs socks 🙂

I ordered a copy from on April 10th for about 13GBP. They changed the delivery dates on me twice, then a third time now leaving it open ended, so no idea of when it’ll turn up (if ever) and no extra information.  The last time they did this to me for another product, they cancelled the order without telling me,  a month or so later.

So in an investigative mood, I trawled around a bit, and it seems that the book isn’t so readily available, especially to the UK. For example:

I wait on a little longer, I think !  This looks like it’ll be a fun book to work through when it finally  arrives 🙂

Two Colour Socks


DSC00064I was about to say these were my first attempt at two-colour socks, but that isn’t quite right. It is fair to say they are my first attempt at proper “all-over” stranded work, rather than 12 rows or so then giving up 😉

To begin with there was no rhyme nor reason nor pattern. But now there is. I’m well beyond the toe, approaching the gusset increases and I’m still ‘winging it’. There is a definite plan and I should be able to write it up once I’m finished. Trouble is, I keep thinking ‘what if’ and wanting to tweak the design…

Spiral Socks



These are the socks I’m working on for my gran. It’s a simple design similar to a version of a 1930s/40s pattern available online – Spiral Socks No. 214 .  The main differences are:

  • I’m working from the toe up, doing both socks at once
  • Am using dk wook and 4 or 4.5mm needles – will check when I’m done.
  • Worked a k1p1 toe rather than stockinette

Blanket squares 45 – 54


I’ve been  working swatches   from ‘Charted Knitting Designs’ again for the Walker Treasury Project 🙂 I’ve posted 10 new ones so far:
Spliced Oval Spliced Oval

Double texture cable Double Texture Cable

Embossed heart Embossed Heart

Braid X Braid X

locked square cable Locked Square Cable

Front-Cross Gnarled Cable Front-Cross Gnarled Cable

Back-Cross gnarled cable Back-Cross Gnarled Cable

gnarled wave cable Gnarled Wave Cable

Reverse Gnarled wave cable Reverse Gnarled Wave Cable

Slip cross cable with bobbles Slip Cross Cable with Bobbles

I’ve finished working another 14 or so. I just need to photograph/measure/post them.

Have also started a pair of socks for my gran, admittedly with some trepidation. She has this tendency to look at a gift then put it back in the wrapping paper and ‘keep it for best’. This means of course that the things folk buy her never get used.  Am hoping that a handmade gift will experience a better fate!

Not Calorimetry

Finished Objects, Hats, Scarves


  • Pattern: none, I just cast on 86 sts and went for it.
  • Yarn: mystery leftovers from stash, high wool content, aran/worsted weight.
  • Needles: 1 x 80cm 4mm metal circular.
  • Finished measurements: 21in long or thereabouts.

I had a load of leftover bits of yarn, about 20g worth, from different projects that I just couldn’t bear to part with. Calorimetry was a pattern that I’d looked at in the past and never got round to trying. Guess what? I still haven’t tried it 🙂

I cast on 86 st (I think), worked 6 to 8 rows of 2×2 rib, then did several short rows til I had maybe 46 ‘live’ stitches. Rather than than working the short rows on the way back out again, I just knit straight across the lot and worked the rib across all 86 sts for another 6 to 8 rows – until I ran out of yarn. 

The piece ended up with an assymetric shape, which works well. The tighter cast on edge holds the band in place when it’s used as an earwarmer and the looser edge allows it to ‘flare’ up under the chin when it’s worn as a neck warmer.  It fits perfectly just inside the collar of the fleece I wear to work  most of the time.

IMGP2955 IMGP2958 IMGP2954

Walking Socks


IMGP2944Went for a 2 hour walk on a local country estate with a friend and thought I’d test my new walking boots. Comedy moments included slipping down a very muddy slope when I was supposed to be climbing up it, and teetering on a rock taking pictures of a little waterfall. I was rather glad I had the only camera 😉

The boots worked out fine, but I was wearing a pair of “widdershins” that I’d made last year. They’re fantastic for day to day stuff. Inside a walking boot? Never again! When I was making my way downhill one of the cable crossovers rubbed my little toe to a blister.

Note to self, must make some 2-colour stockinette socks for walking boots. Not that I need any excuses to make socks! 🙂