Wavy Hat

Wavy Hat


Fits average to large adult head, up to 24 inches circumference.

Finished Measurements

Hat circumference: 22″/55cm


  • Yarn: Noro Sumile Multi, shade 106 lot B, 65 grams ( 2 x 50g skeins), or similar to achieve gauge.
  • Tapestry needle
  • Needle options:
    • one 80cm 4mm and one 80cm 4.5mm circular (magic loop)
    • one 40cm 4mm and one 4ocm 4.5mm circular
    • two sets dpns, one 4mm and one 4.5mm


4.4 stitches per inch, approx.


K = knit

P = purl

SSK = slip 2 stitches knitwise, one at a time onto right needle; insert point of left needle into front of 2 slipped stitches; knit through back of loops with right needle

K2tog = knit 2 stitches together

P2tog = purl 2 stitches together

YO = wind yarn over needle (having just purled a stitch, leave yarn where it is and knit next stitch, you end up with a loop over the needle between the 2 stitches; vice versa if you’ve just knit a stitch)


Main part of hat

Using 4mm needle(s), cast on 96 stitches loosely, using long tail cast on or similar.

Join into round.

Round 1 – 5: (K3, P3) to end.

Round 6: Transfer to 4.5mm needles, while knitting another round of 3×3 rib.

Round 7 – 20: (K2, SSK, P2, YO) to end. These rows produce the left slant.

Round 21 – 22: (K3, P3) to end.

Round 23: (K3, P3) to last 6 stitches, K3 P2, leave last st on left needle. (This effectively means you’re starting the next round a stitch early.)

Round 24 – 36: (K2tog, K2, YO, P2) to last 6 stitches, K2tog, K2, YO, P1, leave last st on left needle. These rows give the right slant.

Round 37: (K2tog, K2, YO, P2) to end. This row prepares you to turn again.

Round 38 – 40: (K3, P3) to end.

Shaping the crown

Round 41: (K2, SSK, P2) to end; 1st decrease round, 80 st left.

Round 42-44: (K2, SSK, P1, YO) to end.

Round 45: (SSK, SSK, P1, YO) to end; 2nd decrease round, 64 st left.

Round 46-49: (K1, SSK, P1, YO) to end.

Round 50: (SSK, P2tog) to end; 3rd decrease round, 32 st left.

Round 51 – 52: (SSK, K2tog) to end; 4th and 5th decrease rounds, 8 st left .


Break yarn, leaving a decent tail (~ 7 inches). Using a tapestry needle, thread the yarn end through the last 8 stitches. Take the stitches off the needles. Thread the yarn through the stitches again, pulling tight as you go and weave in the loose end.

Weave in any other loose ends, and block as necessary.

© 2007 – zeph, all rights reserved. For personal use only.


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