Snowboarder Hat

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IMGP2549(FO Monday Week 2)

  • Pattern: Snowboarder Hat that Rocks, by Irishgirlieknits.
  • Yarn: mystery yarn from stash.
  • Needles: 1 x 80cm 6.5mm metal circular.
  • Finished measurements: 21in circumference, 8.5in from mid-crown to edge excluding ear-flaps etc.
  • Gauge attained: 3st and 5 rows to 4in/10cm in stockinette

Finished waaay back in January, this was an emergency replacement for the hat I lost. The pattern was easy to follow, and accurate in saying that the hat comes out quite large.  I ran out of the ‘mystery’ 3 tone red yarn, which was 3 strands plied together – one each of bright red, wine red and black. To finish the hat and make the plaits, I ended up using 3 strands of random dk together to get a similar weight yarn (1 orange, 1 wine and 1 black).


Lost in Thought


IMGP2229Was out with a couple of friends and the kid to whom I had given the second lizard ridge hat for Christmas. We paused for lunch before heading off on a furniture hunt and the little one was not enthused by the choices. While she was lost in thought, we ordered and before she could notice I managed to sneak a shot of her in her new hat (with her mum’s permission of course). 

The hat is rather big on her, so should last a good couple of years or so.

Return to Lizard Ridge

Finished Objects, Hats, Lizard Ridge

Skater Girl Emma

The weekend was fun, and my friend loved her birthday present – a lizard ridge hat I’d made earlier this year. She has to travel to Edinburgh everyday for work, and it’s going to come in handy when she’s waiting on chilly Scottish train station platforms. She and a friend tried it on for the camera 🙂

When I got back, I cast on and finished another one – this time the one I’d been planning for my friends kid. It’s very pink!

Lizard Ridge Hat Lizard Ridge Hat

  • Pattern: ‘Lizard Ridge Hat‘ – mine. I’ve updated it to include where I switched to work from the opposite end of the ball of Noro.
  • Yarn: MC – Noro Kureyon, shade 102 lot X, 50 grams (1 skein)
    CC – Debbie Bliss cashmerino astrakhan, shade 31013 lot 56 (purple), less than 50grams, knits to the same gauge as the kureyon.
  • Needles: one 40cm 4mm bamboo circular.
  • Finished measurements: 19-20″/ 48-51cm circumference, fitting up to 21-22″ head.

The boucle (ahem, astrakhan) yarn that I used as the contrast worked well. It’s turned into a lovely soft ‘fluffy’ fabric. It produced an interesting dimple effect on the crown, when the hat’s ‘worn tall’. However, I think I’ll wait a while before using that type of yarn again – it was a real **** to work with!

While I was knitting the pink lizard ridge hat, my thoughts turned to knitting socks, as they seem to do rather a lot at the moment. Now there’s a little voice in the back of my head whispering ‘lizard ridge socks… you know you want to!”


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Chameleon - hat Chameleon - scarf Chameleon - balaclava Chameleon - head band Chameleon - Sahariane

Is it a… hat? scarf? balaclava? headband? sahariane? It’s all of em 🙂

  • Pattern: Chameleon – mine
  • Yarn: 100g pure linen, 18 wpi, charcoal.
  • Needles: 1 x 3.25mm and 1 x 4mm 80cm circulars (magic/lazy loop).
  • Circumference=20″/51cm and length= 20″/51cm

This turned out well considering it’s a first attempt at ‘proper’ lace knitting, and I made the design up. I’ve tried it on and it fits! Being rather camera-shy though, I’ve let ‘Sev’ do the modelling. Of all the permutations, my favourites are the hat and scarf.

There is one niggle – I couldn’t figure out how to hide the start of each round in the net section, so the holes look slightly mis-shaped at that point. This also means there’s a noticeable join when the scarf is laid out flat, but this gets lost when it’s being worn so that’s ok. I’d like to figure out knitting ‘seamless’ net for a future lace idea.

Yes, there will be a next time for lace! I enjoyed making this. I’ll freely admit that the k2tog every other st in the net was a little hard on the fingertips, but the end result justified it. I think at some point I’d like to make an ‘openwork’ shrug or cardi; first, I need to practice techniques a bit !

Many thanks to my SP for the yarn and encouragement 🙂

Linen and Lace

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My sp sent me a skein of charcoal linen yarn in her second parcel. She also asked at one point what my thoughts were on knitting lace. I think I said at the time that I hadn’t really met a lace pattern that I’d considered working on (then promptly found the shoalwater shawl pattern). The linen yarn and thoughts about lace in general sparked an interesting little journey…

Have you ever seen the olive drab ‘scrim net‘ stocked by army surplus stores? It can be used as a scarf or as a hat cover for sticking foliage in (sort of camoflage), and you can see through it easily. Ok, I have no intention of wearing twigs in a hat or staring through netting pulled over my face! But I’ve always liked the idea of a lightweight scarf that could be other things too… Inspired more than a little by this and the ‘Buff’ headgear, I went off to look at lace designs.

Erm, perhaps it’s at this point I should mention I’ve never charted, knit or designed lace before…

I decided on a tubular construction, because the finished piece can then turn into a hat more easily if I choose. I wanted a simple net design, and I thought a border on at least one end would add a bit of interest and a firmer edge. I liked the tiger-eye pattern from Barbara Walker’s 2nd Treasury, so started playing with that. Having worked on a chart, I realised the basic repeat was perhaps too wide to fit a whole number of repeats into the number of stitches I needed. I split the chart in half to create a ‘tear-drop’ instead, and cast on for the first attempt.

linen lace linen lace

The picture on the left shows my first attempt at the border and the random netting that I made up as I went along, using 4mm needles. The border pattern turned out far too wide – at least 3 inches unstretched and I could stick two fingers through the large hole in the teardrop. So I frogged, tweaked the chart for the border, and started again with 3.25mm needles, stepping back up to 4mm after the border was finished. The picture on the right is the second attempt, with a netting pattern that is pretty close to what I had in mind. The tear-drop is smaller at about 2.25 inches unstretched.

I’m currently working my way up the netting section, and really looking forward to trying on the finished ‘garment’.

Lizard Ridge Hat Finished

Finished Objects, Hats, Lizard Ridge

Lizard Ridge Hat

I’m so pleased with how this turned out. A friend has said that all I need now is a snowboard…

  • Pattern: ‘Lizard Ridge Hat‘ – mine. Uses a mirrored version of the short row pattern from the Lizard Ridge afghan by Laura Aylor.
  • Yarn: MC – Noro Kureyon, shade 51 lot P, 50 grams (1 skein)
    CC – Solid colour, russety red pure wool, less than 50grams, the same gauge as the kureyon.
  • Needles: one 80cm 4.5mm circular – using magic loop method.
  • Finished measurements: 22-23″ / 55-57.5cm circumference, fitting up to 23-24″ head.
  • New technique attempted: pattern charts – they really helped me understand how the short row pattern worked.

The crown was the tricky bit. Originally, I had been aiming for a kind of flower shape, with what are now points being petals. When I realised that wasn’t quite happening, I frogged it and tried a different set of decreases which emphasised the last short row pattern worked in CC. I realise now that I may need to use an intarsia or fair-isle technique if I want the flower petals the next time I work with this idea.

hmm, I spot another hat on the horizon… And I’m still waiting for the pomatomus sock/glove yarn.

And it’s cast off…

Hats, Lizard Ridge

Ok, I seem to be able to finish a hat in two or three evenings – not counting the playing with paper/excel, one count of frogging (this time), and completely changing what I was going to do for decreases. I still think I knit slowly though.

The hat’s not quite what I was aiming for, but still looks cute! Photos when it’s been partially felted and blocked. If I can figure out how to block a 3D object without a bowl the right size that is 😕

Wavy Hat finished

Finished Objects, Hats

Wavy Hat

Finally, it’s done and I’m reasonably happy with it 🙂

  • Pattern: ‘Wavy Hat‘ – mine
  • Yarn: Noro Sumile Multi, shade 106 lot B, 65 grams (less than 2 skeins)
  • Needles: one 80cm 4mm circular and one 80cm 4.5mm circular – using magic loop method.
  • Finished measurements: 22″/55cm circumference, fitting up to 23-24″ head.
  • New technique attempted: Magic loop – worked well after initial teething problems.

I wasn’t intending this to be an exact match to the wavy scarf I’m making. I have to say I’m a little disappointed because the waviness is much more gentle than I was intending. It’s more like the pattern used in the wavy scarf than I meant it to be, even though it uses quite different techniques. To be honest, if I’d thought ahead and looked much more closely at the patterns I was using for inspiration, I’d have realised that the effect I was attempting to achieve wasn’t going to happen. The angles of the wave aren’t sharp enough and it took too many rows to get a noticeable wave going.

That said, the pattern is still visible when the hat is stretched on my head and not the dummie’s. The SSK and K2tog in the pattern and decreases turned out to give a good ridged effect that stands out against the colour changes. This wouldn’t have happened if I used the wavy scarf pattern repeat, as nonaKnits does for her wavy hat.

The hat fits very snugly with just enough room to fit a ponytail under it. Bonus! I don’t have to wear my hair loose with it and I love the way the colours have pooled. 🙂