WTP and sampler blanket


The Walker Treasury Project is back!
The WTP,  is ‘ a pooling of efforts to illustrate in color all five of the Walker treasuries’.  The project was founded back in January 2007 by Nicole Hindes of allbuttonedup. So far we have illustrated nearly 300 swatches from the five books, which include the 1st 2nd 3rd and 4th ‘Treasuries’ as well as ‘Mosaic Knitting’.

The WTP was revitalised when two new moderators joined the ranks, vjicha and veiland (ravelry ids). Veiland created a new swatch claiming system and wrote the associated ‘how to pages’. Vjicha has the swatch bug! She’s contributed a lot of swatches  in the last month, as well as helping populate the swatch claiming database with unclaimed swatch data and sanity checking my rewrites of the ‘about’, ‘photo tips’  and ‘rules’ pages amongst others. 

All the moderators are really psyched to see the project taking off again. If you want to get involved, head over to ‘how to join the project’ and get started 🙂

Meanwhile I’ll leave you all with  a picture of the latest swatches I’ve done for the WTP and my sampler blanket. They’ll be up on the WTP blog in the next couple of days.



Blanket Squares 37 – 44


In the spirit of experiments and a determination to get this blanket done, I made another few squares. They are all from ‘Charted Knitting Designs’, so they are also on the Walker Treasury Project  🙂  I have an idea for the centre, but am still swatching that.

p29 Acanthus Leaf Acanthus Leaf

p55 Triple-Twist LaceTriple-Twist Lace

p54 Egg and Dart FriezeEgg and Dart Frieze

p250 Honeycomb LaceHoneycomb Lace

p250 Little Honeycomb LaceLittle Honeycomb Lace

p252 Delayed-Decrease Eyelet MeshDelayed-Decrease Eyelet Mesh

p20 Windblown Leaf BorderWindblown Leaf Border

p252 Open Basketweave MeshOpen Basketweave Mesh

Twisted Cable: blanket square 36


Twisted cableYarn: Generic wool/acrylic dk
Wraps Per Inch: 10 wpi
Needles: 3mm aluminium (prym)
Gauge: 27 st and 35 rows to 10cm/4 inches in stockinette
Pattern: Torsade Nouée (twisted cable)
Stitch Count Repeat: Multiple of 30 stitches
Book: Le tricot en 300 points, by Karen Hemingway
Page: 134-135

This is the cable I was talking about just recently. It was rather ‘interesting’ trying to translate the pattern accurately. Think I got it right! Basically, you end up literally tying a knot in the strips that form the cable to get the desired effect. The cable strips themselves are a kind of twisted rib – R1=k2twisted,p2; R2=k2,p2twisted; and so on.

I must admit it took a while to get the twisting right, so there may be the odd ‘normal’ stitch where it shouldn’t be…

Blanket Squares 34-35


The Spider The Turtle

Wanting to experiment a bit, I looked through Barbara Walker’s 3rd treasury for a couple of charts that I’ve wanted to do for a while. Both “The Spider” and “The Turtle” had looked rather daunting before I did all the swatches for the Walker Treasury Project. After another look at the two charts and because I hadn’t tried it in more years than I care to remember, I thought I’d try knitting them in several colours for an added challenge.

I was pleasantly surprised by how the 2 colour spider turned out. The yarnovers for the eyes don’t show up very well because I think my stranding is a little tight in that area. Actually, that’s the only area where there is stranding, so maybe that’s why it worked ok 😉 The legs of the spider are formed from 4 different lengths of yarn and the body from a fifth, so I could avoid stranding as much as possible! I tweaked the chart in only a couple of places, using a different method to “cross” stitches, to allow the colour changes to be made smoothly without any jagged lines.

On the turtle chart, I found it quite tricky to interpret where the edges of the turtle actually were when it came to colour changes, and this meant I made quite a few mistakes! (Oh yes, stranding is too tight again!) I also encountered the jagged line problem fairly quickly. As I was working in 3 colours instead of 2, I didn’t quite figure out how to compensate for it. I have an idea that should work when I have another go. I will knit the turtle again. I really like the way the shell turned out smoothly domed, and I think it would be kinda fun to have a few of them dancing around the blanket 🙂

Blanket Squares 22 – 33


I’ve been on holiday for the last two weeks, enjoying a whole load of craftwork, knitting, visiting friends and avoiding paperwork. In the midst of all this, I finally completed my wtp posts for a whole load more ‘squares’ that I finished for the blanket. Most of them involve closed cables, and two were were quite tricky (‘teetering ovals’ and ‘balanced rings’). These two involved 7 st decreases on one row followed by 7 st increases on the next at the same position in the row – a bit of a pain to do evenly!

There are two more swatches I’d like to do from Barbara Walker’s third treasury – the spider and the turtle. These have already been done by someone else on the Walker Treasury Project blog, so they’ll just be appearing here in due course. After those two, I think I’ll play with the other book I picked up at the same time.

Large Lacy Cables - blocked Large Lacy Cables

Small Ring Small Ring

Example B-1: Large Ring, Plain Example B-1: Large Ring, Plain

Example B-2: Large Ring with Ribbing Example B-2: Large Ring with Ribbing

Example B-3: Large Ring with Two Ribs Example B-3: Large Ring with Two Ribs

Example B-3: Large Ring with Two Ribs Example B-3: Large Ring with Two Ribs

Example B-4: Large Ring with Fan Ribs Example B-4: Large Ring with Fan Ribs

Example B-5: Large ring with three ribs Example B-5: Large ring with three ribs

Peace Peace

Reef Knot Reef Knot

Balanced Rings Balanced Rings

Teetering Ovals Teetering Ovals

Blanket Squares 16 – 21


I’ve been doing more swatches for the Walker Treasury Project that are doubling as ‘squares’ for the blanket. The purple one is from a while back, but the others are all from the last 2 weeks. Had wanted quick results after working on Chameleon for so long! And the latest ones are not pink – they’re actually a dull burgundy color, but the photos were taken in bright sunlight.

Ribbed Spindle Ribbed Spiral

Threaded Lattice on Seed Stitch Threaded Lattice on Seed Stitch

Woodgrain Pattern I Woodgrain Pattern I

Woodgrain Pattern II Woodgrain Pattern II

Decorative Lozenges Decorative Lozenges

Garland with Pendants Garland with Pendants

Progress: slow but sure

Pomatomus, Socks

Earlier this week, I finished another blanket square / wtp swatch, and cast on for the next. I’m going to finish five before photographing and uploading them to the wtp blog. It makes more sense to do the write-ups in batches.

This weekend was a ‘craftwork’ gathering round at a friend’s house. There were seven of us working on various sewing/knitting/needlepoint projects as well as chatting, drinking wine and setting the world to rights 🙂 I turned the heel of the 2nd pomatomus sock – it went much better this time.

I reckon I should be able to finish the sock by next Sunday. Then I can start working with the charcoal linen my SP sent – am really looking forward to that!

A chorus of frogs…

Blankets, Pomatomus, Socks

Hmm, I’m having to rip & restart the next swatch for wtp – I miscounted the no of stitches cast on. Thankfully only 6 rows in!

And these socks – aargh! I’ve had to move one of em off the circulars to waste yarn, because they really won’t work both at once for the leg after the cuff is complete. Might be able to work both feet at once, because the pattern is then working off a different chart. I also had to rip part of the one where I reversed the pattern, because I forgot to shift the yo to the end of the round before starting – oops!

On the plus side the reversed chart does work now I’ve figured out where the round should start 🙂