Wavy Scarf finished

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I’m really happy with it. 🙂

  • Pattern: ‘Wavy Scarf‘ by Sarah Smith
  • Yarn: Noro Sumile Multi, shade 106 lot B, 275 grams (5 and a half skeins)
  • Needles: Pair of 4.5mm straights.
  • Finished measurements: 8.5 in wide and 68 in long after blocking.
  • New technique attempted: Cable cast on – produced a thicker result than long tail cast on, which went well with the ridge pattern.

I wanted a slightly wider scarf so I cast on an extra 12 stitches across, which turned out well. Knitting the leftover yarn from the hat into it allowed me to do the number of repeats the pattern called for, making it long enough. If I don’t block it after washing, it easily stretches to 7 feet long or more!

I would have taken photos of it outside for once, but there’s a torrential downpour this morning. Not really fancying a soaking, esp since my voice is still in hiding…


Washing Noro Sumile


wavyscarf-blockedWhen I was knitting the hat and scarf, I was struck by how rough the chenille yarn felt and how ‘flat’ it was. The yarn was more like a flat furry ribbon than a pipe cleaner in the way the fibres were attached to the central core. It didn’t really feel the way I expect chenille to feel – soft and fluffy.

Once they were cast off and the ends woven in, I threw caution to the winds and the hat and scarf into the washing machine on a gentle 30 degree C cycle with a little fabric softener. I know you shouldn’t really machine wash chenille, but I was a little at a loss at this point.

The pleasant surprise is two fold. The chenille yarn appears to survive gentle machine washes and it has fluffed out so the hat and scarf feel a lot softer than they were.

I think I’ve ended up blocking the scarf like I said I might. When I took it out of the machine the pattern was much less distinct than before. I laid it out on a table, stretched sections out to even up the width, tweaked the ribs back into place, then scrunched things up slightly to emphasize the shape. I’ve left it to dry like that in the hope the pattern will be obvious when I move it. It takes up the full length of the table, even squished into shape. I’m currently resisting the urge to keep checking how dry it is!

Wavy Scarf nearly done


The scarf’s getting there, but I just reread the finished measurements. I’m gonna be short by about 6 inches, and that’s off the 66in true finished length not the 6 foot I had stuck in my head. aargh!! So, I won’t cast off when I get near the end of this last ball of yarn. Will get the hat done and knit the yarn left over from that into the scarf. Ideally, I’d be happier with another skein of the sumile, but it’s discontinued and I was lucky to find the amount I did in that colour.

Wavy Scarf


I picked up some Noro Sumile chenille – I just loved the colours and the feel of the yarn! The ‘Wavy Scarf‘ pattern on Knitty.com was perfect for it. The ribs stand out pretty well against the random colour changes.

I tweaked things a bit, because I wanted a wider scarf. I cast on 54 stitches rather than the 42 in the pattern. The two extra repeats along with the slightly thicker yarn has made the scarf roughly 8-9 inches wide. I’m also going to need at least 250g (5 skeins) to achieve the 6 foot length, although it will probably take fewer rows to get there.

The pattern doesn’t mention blocking, but I’ll probably do it once the scarf’s finished, just to even out any width variations. My tension does seems to be a little random, partly because it’s the first time I’ve used chenille. I am finding that the yarn doesn’t move smoothly against itself when it’s pulled through the stitch I’ve just done. Not a big surprise 🙂


This is the scarf just under half finished. I’m actually about 3 fifths through now.